How Can a Restorative Dentist Help You Improve Your Oral Health?

How Can a Restorative Dentist Help You Improve Your Oral Health?

May 01, 2022

Many people think that the only advantages of a restored smile are an improved appearance and improved self-confidence. But there’s a third advantage of restorative dentistry that many people forget about: improved oral and general health. We’ll take a closer look at each of these advantages. However, if you’re ready to make an appointment with a top-rated restorative dentist in Beverly, MA, we invite you to call our dentist near you at Beverly Dental Group to get started.

Restored Physical Appearance

If you have one or more missing teeth, the chances are that it is one of the first things that others notice about you. It doesn’t matter how white your teeth are or how straight they are. What is noticeable is the gap in your smile. Even if you’ve grown accustomed to looking at yourself in the mirror without noticing the missing tooth, others will immediately see it.

The good news is that replacing a missing tooth with either a dental implant or one of the other procedures we provide restores your smile’s physical appearance and restores your long-term oral and physical health.

Restored Oral and Physical Health

Each of the teeth in your mouth serves a purpose. Cumulatively, they function to chew food and assure bone health in your jaw. Two things will happen when one or more teeth are missing from the line-up.

First, a patient’s remaining teeth will shift from their position to close the gaps left by the missing tooth or teeth. When this happens, new spacing issues develop, which causes food to become trapped and bacteria to develop. Trapped food can increase bacteria, leading to dental decay and gum disease.

Why should you be concerned about dental decay and gum disease? Because the infection that often accompanies these two concerns can spread to other parts of your anatomy – including your heart – and create health concerns that you may not have encountered without these culprits.

Also, when a tooth is missing, so are its roots. The roots of your tooth do more than help the tooth to remain alive and healthy. They also keep your jawbone healthy. When the health of your jawbone becomes compromised, it can lead to concerns such as:

  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Change in lip structure
  • Skin wrinkling around the mouth
  • TMJ complications
  • Sinus expansion
  • Compromised nutrition

Tooth replacement can help patients avoid these issues, knowing that they are enjoying optimum oral health with the bonus of a beautiful smile!

Most Popular Tooth Replacement Procedure

A dental implant is considered by many to be the procedure of choice in restorative dentistry. Although other procedures such as a dental bridge or a partial denture can restore the physical appearance of a missing tooth, they do not address the concern of jaw bone health. Because a dental implant embeds in a patient’s jaw, it stimulates the bone to keep it healthy – something that a dental bridge or partial denture cannot do. If you’re concerned about bite collapse and the eventualities of a collapsed facial profile, skin wrinkling around the mouth, or other health concerns, choosing a dental implant is the right choice.

Dr. Harry Strating, DDS, MScD, has cared for his patients’ smiles for over four decades, placing thousands of implants on patients. Whether it’s just one tooth or a full upper or lower arch replacement, Dr. Strating uses the most advanced techniques to ensure that a patient’s care is safe and effective. The results are beneficial to your long-term physical appearance and physical health.

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