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Are you looking for a dentist in Beverly, MA, that can provide specialty dental care near you in the form of gum therapy, periodontal care, and prosthodontics along with general, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry? Our dentist has decades of experience using the latest methods, technologies, and materials to make sure that his patients receive exemplary specialty dental care in addition to the other top-rated services provided at Beverly Dental Group.

Gum Therapy Near You

Did you know that over half of the adult US population suffers from periodontitis and gum disease? And that gum disease can occur in patients of all ages? Poor brushing habits are the most common reason for gum disease, but it can be caused by medication side effects, smoking, a poor diet, and hormonal imbalances as well. Instead of running the risk of possibly needing gum surgery down the road to treat the condition, non-surgical gum therapy is available as part of our specialty dental care procedures.

Preventing the Need for Gum Therapy

At Beverly Dental Group, we like to emphasize the importance of prevention to help keep periodontitis at bay. Since our dentist and his team focus on preventive dentistry as much as specialty dental care (and the many other services between), the treatment of periodontal disease is important to stop dental health complications from worsening. However, if periodontitis does occur, our dentist in Beverly, MA, has decades of experience and many treatment options available to provide the best care for your individual need.

Prosthodontics in Beverly, MA

As a comprehensive dental practice, we offer expert prosthodontic services to our patients as a part of our specialty dental care services. Prosthodontic care involves the rehabilitation or restoration of missing teeth and other oral tissue that requires specially-trained techniques and procedures. Some examples include dental implants, dentures, dental veneers, dental crowns, and therapies for sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. If you’re searching for a prosthodontist in Beverly, MA, make sure you give us a call to learn more about our specialty dental care.

We’re Accepting New Patients

Whether you’re searching for a dentist near you for specialty dental care or any of the other broad suite of services we provide in our modern office, we invite you to make an appointment today. We’re looking forward to meeting you and providing you with the same top-tier care that so many patients in Beverly, MA, have already come to know!

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