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A complete oral exam is a comprehensive and diagnostic evaluation during which a dentist gains valuable insights into your oral and overall health. Complete oral exams are required for new patients visiting Beverly Dental Group. For returning patients, comprehensive oral evaluations are scheduled periodically.

Complete oral exams are an integral aspect of dental care as they allow our dentist to create a baseline of your oral well-being. From the information gathered during this thorough examination, our dentist may recommend preventive or restorative dental procedures.

Components of a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

During your complete oral exam, our dentist will be evaluating various parts of your oral health. As such, the dentist will check for:

  • Signs of cavities and other damage to teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • State of your dental fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures, if any
  • Precancerous signs that may be indicative of oral cancer
  • Signs of gum disease
  • Bite problems/occlusion analysis
  • Symptoms of tooth grinding/bruxism and temporomandibular disorders

Our dentist relies on various examination techniques, including visual inspection, physical touch to check for swellings, and dental x-rays.

Besides your oral health, our dentist will be keen to understand your overall medical history, including any chronic ailments that you may have, allergies, and past treatments, e.g., major surgeries. Let us know if you’re on any long-term medications or treatments to manage a chronic condition.

How to Get Ready

Comprehensive oral evaluations are collaborative affairs, during which the patient and dentist work together to understand the health of the patient. We encourage our patients to be open and honest about their issues, as well as any concerns that they may have. Open communication allows us to understand your needs and expectations fully.

On average, complete oral exams last about an hour. Some of our patients may require more or less time, depending on their needs. Make sure to arrive at your appointment on time. If possible, request a transfer of dental records from your previous dentist. If you have dental insurance, make sure to contact your insurance provider for any clarifications that you may need.

Dental examinations allow Dr. Strating to identify dental problems before they get out of hand. Even when you think your teeth are fine, there’s a chance that unseen changes are happening below the surface. Our dentist is trained to detect dental issues even before the symptoms appear.

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