Dental Crowns in Beverly, MA

At Beverly Dental Group in Beverly, MA, we use dental crowns to cover and protect teeth. Dr. Strating provides dozens of patients with dental crowns each month.

Crowns have many different uses and can be made of different materials like ceramic, porcelain, composite resin, and metal. If we examine your teeth and think you’d benefit from a dental crown, we’ll tell you your options and explain everything more in-depth.

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is like a cap that we fit over a tooth. Crowns are often used to protect and strengthen teeth. A cracked tooth, for example, is likely to crack if exposed to mild pressure. By placing a crown over it, we can protect it from things that can damage it.

Patients are often surprised when they’re told they need a crown because they have a cavity. While fillings are what we use the most to treat cavities, they don’t work when cavities are large. We use inlays and onlays as well as crowns to treat large cavities. If you’re undergoing root canal treatment, you’ll most likely need a crown for the affected tooth.

The Procedure

It takes two visits to get a dental crown. During the first visit, we’ll prepare the tooth and take an impression of it. The impression can be made digitally or using a physical mold. It will then be sent to a lab so that the crown can be made.

Patients need to come back for placement when we get the crown from the lab. You’ll be able to chew and speak normally with a crown. Within a few days, you may not even notice it anymore. Most crowns last between 5-10 years. You’ll need to keep brushing your teeth because crowns will stain if not taken care of, just like natural teeth. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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