Dental Exams and Cleanings in Beverly, MA

At Beverly Dental Group in Beverly, MA, we strive to make our dental office a pleasant and relaxing place to visit so that patients do not neglect routine dental care such as regular exams and cleanings.

We place great emphasis on the importance of maintaining natural healthy teeth. You can take good care of your teeth at home by brushing them and flossing, but there will still be limitations. Visiting the dentist every six months can help keep your teeth in the best shape possible.

Regular Examinations

A cavity or root canal problem can remain silent and hidden for weeks. As the days pass, the problem will continue to grow until the patient starts to experience discomfort. Dental problems are easier to treat in the beginning before they get worse and lead to symptoms.

For example, small cavities can be treated using dental fillings. Larger cavities, however, might need inlays, onlays, or even crowns. During these visits, we also examine our patients for early signs of oral cancer. Once again, diagnosing oral cancer early can make treatment easier and more effective.

Teeth Cleaning

We don’t just examine your teeth and ask you a few questions during these visits. We’ll also clean your teeth and remove any build-up. Build-up happens over time as bacteria start to coalesce and form aggregates. These aggregates are called plaque and tartar. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to remove them at home—you won’t be able to.

By removing plaque and tartar at the dentist’s office, you can keep your teeth healthy, clean, and fresh. On the other hand, letting them grow can lead to gum and tooth infections that could’ve been easily avoided.

Give us a call to find out more about regular exams and cleanings or to schedule a visit. We’re prepared to take care of your dental health.

Out dental office in Beverly, MA also welcomes patients from the below nearby areas:

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