The Beginner’s Guide to Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

The Beginner’s Guide to Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Dec 01, 2020

Losing your natural teeth is not something that you can downplay. At times, unforeseen circumstances such as injuries or accidents can lead to tooth loss. However, we cannot forget the leading causes of tooth loss besides old age are tooth decay and periodontitis.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with missing teeth as our dentist in Beverly offers dental implants.

Dental implants in Beverly are at the top of the list when it comes to tooth restoration. They have been around since the 1960s and have evolved so much that they are the go-to option if you have missing teeth.

About Dental Implants

Implants are technically known as root replacements because they mimic the tooth root and are surgically embedded into your jawbone, thus playing the role of your missing tooth root. The implant will be given time to heal and fuse with the bone. It eventually becomes a part of your jawbone. This creates a strong anchor for teeth replacements.

Out of all the tooth restoration options, implants offer something the others don’t—a root. Thus, making them comfortable and durable.

Also, they are versatile, meaning that they can be used in different ways to solve missing teeth. You have the option of replacing a single tooth or replacing several teeth. And if you need to replace a full arch of teeth, we have All-on-4® dental implants as well.

Why Do You Need an Implant?

The huge plus of using implants is that they restore not only your smile but also the function. Even though there are options such as fixed bridges and removable dentures, implants are the only option that maintains the integrity of the jaw bone. Whenever you lose your teeth, the jawbone deteriorates. Your facial integrity may diminish, and your face may be pruned at the jaw.

Dentures are pocket-friendly, but they are a less desirable option since they can shift in the mouth. On the other hand, bridges are dependent on your natural teeth for support. Implants, however, are embedded in your jaw and, therefore, more stable.

With dental implants, your speech and chewing will be restored as though you never lost your teeth.

Who Can Get Implants?

Ideally, almost anyone can be a candidate for implants, especially if you can or have undergone oral surgery. However, healthy gums and bone are also essential for the implant procedure to be successful. Our dentist on Enon Street in Beverly, MA, may not recommend the procedure if you:

  • Have a heavy smoking habit
  • Have a condition that can hinder the healing process
  • Have undergone radiation therapy in the head or neck region

However, if you are healthy and can commit to several months to complete the treatment, then you are most likely good to go.

What to Expect During a Typical Visit

The process of getting implants involves several stages. A typical dental implant procedure goes as follows:

Initial Examination

Our dentist on Enon Street in Beverly, MA, will perform an extensive examination of your mouth. Using advanced dental imaging systems, the dentist will image your teeth, ear, nose, mouth, throat, jaws, and neck.

The images taken are used to reconstruct a 3D image of your mouth so that our dentist can have a clear picture of your mouth.

During Surgery 

The implant surgery is done in multiple phases:

  • The initial step is tooth extraction if your tooth hasn’t come out already.
  • The jawbone is prepped, which might include bone grafting or a sinus lift if the procedures are deemed necessary.
  • If the above procedures are done, you will be given time to heal.
  • After your jaw has healed, the titanium implant will be surgically embedded in your jawbone.
  • Again, your jawbone will need to heal, after which the abutment will be screwed on the implant.
  • Then, the tooth replacement or dental prosthetics such as crown or bridge that you have chosen will be permanently fixed on the abutment, which marks the end of the procedure.

How Successful Are Implants?

With the current dental technology that aids in taking 3D images of your mouth, we can properly diagnose your situation. Therefore, you can expect a 98% success rate. Dental implants can last for a very long time with appropriate care.

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